Continued support across the region as the second Coronavirus wave hits.

Earlier this year when the Coronavirus pandemic caused initial panic for many homeowners and landlords worried about making mortgage payments, we increased communications to provide vital support and information to clients, pointing you in the right direction to apply for payment holidays as well as helping you to review your income protection cover – the holiday period has been extended as detailed below, and we’re still here to help.

The property sales and rental market has resumed ‘business as usual’ and the team at Mortgages Made Simple have been inundated with enquiries across all of our mortgage and protection services, including an increased demand for Lifetime Mortgages from our clients aged over 55, as well as couples making up the 42% increase in divorce rate needing Mortgage Capacity support – read on for more about this, as well as our new team members to ensure we’re continuing to deliver our high levels of customer service.