Following a series of interest rate increases and headlines about the cost of living, the Autumn Statement has brought some positive news for many around taxation, wages, benefits and pensions.

Whilst these changes are welcome, there isn’t any specific relief for mortgage holders. We wanted to get in touch to reassure you that support and advice is available.

Here are some top tips for you to consider:

1. Find out exactly how the changes will impact you, click here* for a summary from local accountancy firm, LWA.

2. Look at your budget and plan, using tools like this one* on money saving expert.

3. You can re-visit the financial arrangements you have in place to make sure that they’re still appropriate for your needs.

We can help!
If you’re concerned about your finances, talking to the team here at Mortgages Made Simple, is a good place to start. We can help to make sure you and your family have the most appropriate mortgage and policies in place.

To book an appointment, please call 01925 357 060,or you can contact your dedicated Mortgage & Protection Advisor by finding their details on our Meet the Team page.